MJ Shelbourn & Company was established in February of 2007 as a Marketing & Design Studio for the purpose of supporting small businesses and sales professionals in developing and enhancing their brands.   Our growth has all been very organic and mostly driven by requests from our existing clients for additional services.  Our desire has always been to maintain a balance in our business that ensures we have the time to develop one on one relationships with our clients.  This is the foundation to which we feel we owe our success, it allows us to personalize our services to our clients' needs and build something for them that truly speaks to who they are and what they represent.

MJ Shelbourn, Owner & Designer

In her “previous life” MJ was a Real Estate Development Executive.  Spending more than 15 years managing, marketing, designing and developing hotels & multi-family communities.  MJ has had the opportunity to work from Las Vegas to Miami and just about everywhere in between. 

In October of 2006 MJ & her husband Brian found out they were expecting twins.  A few months thereafter Brian &  MJ made the decision that she would leave the corporate world behind and move into the life of a “momtreprenuer”.  In June their "perfect pair" were born and today they serve as MJ's greatest inspiration & motivation.

In addition to a keen eye for detail MJ has always had a natural flair for design & planning, and impeccable taste.  As a Real Estate Development Executive, MJ specialized in building a brand for her assets and clients that helped them express their identity not only within their marketing collateral but also within in their décor and even in how the communicated to their own clients and employees.    Similarly she now utilizes those same skills in helping her clients stand out and to create unique expressions of their businesses.