Is Your Website Mobile?

More and more of your customers are using their cell phone to view your website.  According to an April posting in PewResearchCenter 64% of Americans now own a smartphone, not a cell phone – a smartphone that figure has grown exponentially from just 35% in 2011.  Even my parents have smartphones!

The best indicator of mobile phone use is the holiday season.  According to a February publication of MarketingLand mobile traffic made up 60% of traffic from Nov-Dec 2014.  Black Friday’s traffic alone was more than 2 times higher than 2013.   Amazon reported similar statistics, adding that mobile shopping accelerated as the shopping season progressed.

These trends are turning what was the plus of a mobile site into a must!  If your website does not have a good mobile presentation, if it is not easy to navigate on their phone or tablet they will move on! That being said - is your website “mobile friendly?

What are the characteristics of an effective mobile website?

  • Consistent – your mobile site should be consistent with the branding and options of your full site.

  • Simple & Attractive – your mobile site should be easy to navigate with a clear menu and options.

  • Streamlined & Efficient – your mobile site should operate quickly.  Pages need to load fast; make sure your photos and graphics are optimized.